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Am I BEAR or NOT ?

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Posted by'DILLI' on Friday, 05.8.09 @ 19:58pm

fuck.. I'd ride your cock all night

Posted by'x' on Sunday, 05.24.09 @ 15:05pm

where do u see his cock (1)

Posted by'111a' on Tuesday, 06.23.09 @ 17:04pm

good idea to get that wasteline down

Posted by'buzz' on Wednesday, 07.8.09 @ 00:50am


Posted by'BERT' on Monday, 08.10.09 @ 07:36am

What did I do to lose the bet? How humiliating

Posted by'Johny5' on Tuesday, 01.12.10 @ 20:28pm

quien fuera el ula ula gordito rico...cosita...mi amor

Posted by'nel' on Wednesday, 01.20.10 @ 12:56pm

Nice belly, wish I could see more!

Posted by'joel' on Friday, 01.22.10 @ 10:59am

A little big, but kinda cute. I'll bet he's got tasty pits!

Posted by'cubhole1' on Monday, 02.1.10 @ 07:15am

Probably too chicken to pose nude.

Posted by'Jim from MA' on Thursday, 02.18.10 @ 21:38pm

I want some of that, e-mail me

Posted by'MRoades' on Thursday, 03.4.10 @ 19:18pm

this is the sexy man in the world

Posted by'slim guy' on Monday, 05.31.10 @ 15:50pm

Dude your doing too much

Posted by'The face is okay' on Tuesday, 07.27.10 @ 19:36pm

Big or not he has more balls than ANY of you trash talking bitches hating on a guy cuz he has a few extra extralbs...what the fuck is with you dizzy queens anyway where are YOUR pics you morons....?

Posted by'Dockker' on Monday, 08.9.10 @ 00:32am

Well of course you're right "Dockker"! I do like him. The extra pounds are ok. I' ashamed of what I said earlier. If he wants he can spank me!

Posted by'cubhole1' on Monday, 08.30.10 @ 12:45pm

your hair do makes you look totally retarted!!! now, go comb that hair right now!

Posted by'jimi' on Thursday, 10.21.10 @ 16:34pm

If this is the sexes man in this world I am heading for the Cape aney one wont to shaie a ride I for got ask what dose thing have to Do with a B---- next

Posted by'tug' on Monday, 11.1.10 @ 00:07am

I think boy is heas things a bit mixed up It is am i a beair or not not Chuby chyers or not

Posted by'tug ' on Thursday, 11.11.10 @ 23:46pm

GO hullahoop manGo!! where the beer at,id party with this dude

Posted by'SMARTASS' on Tuesday, 11.16.10 @ 13:21pm


Posted by'GAY OUT PROUD (GOP)' on Sunday, 12.26.10 @ 09:14am

I'm confused. Is there more then one tug on here? One says big guys are hot and the other is a fucking moron who can't spell worth shit and thinks the guy is too fat.

Posted by'ARealBearOregon' on Sunday, 12.26.10 @ 23:33pm

would suck him dry everyday!

Posted by'Pat' on Sunday, 01.23.11 @ 11:56am

Oh my goodness,the alabama mating ritual. I saw it on national geographic tv.

Posted by'ctboys' on Sunday, 03.27.11 @ 09:00am

loose the hoop and mayb

Posted by'E' on Thursday, 06.30.11 @ 17:08pm


Posted by'number9' on Sunday, 08.21.11 @ 18:37pm

Multitasking is cool

Posted by'Rated Arg for Pirates FUCK YOU' on Thursday, 09.1.11 @ 05:37am

Hey, email me,

Posted by'Mr. Sexy' on Thursday, 09.1.11 @ 11:44am

This guy has many talents, so go to the circus and don't bother.

Posted by'MJP50' on Sunday, 09.25.11 @ 13:48pm

Is that the famous Ring of SATURN???

Posted by'Coachella Guy' on Friday, 11.18.11 @ 00:43am

Chazz B. on a rampage after losing "Dancing."

Posted by'dangbig' on Wednesday, 01.4.12 @ 09:29am

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