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Am I BEAR or NOT ?

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29 comments so far (post your own)

juD2fT hamfjgownopi

Posted by'esjwzapjv' on Monday, 11.26.12 @ 10:37am

iXS6Gi jhmopoevigtj

Posted by'xhhxpigdopy' on Saturday, 11.24.12 @ 08:45am

HIV is a sickness that is not exsulcive to gay people and just like straight promiscuous people, promiscuous gay people are the most affected by HIV.But lets not remember that there's thousands of straight people infected with HIV just because they had sex with a prostitute (or a stranger female) without using a condom.

Posted by'Karamjit' on Friday, 11.23.12 @ 07:27am

please contact me at this email

Posted by'hamidos' on Thursday, 11.15.12 @ 14:23pm

I like your profil I want to be or close to you real your an angel

Posted by'Hamidos' on Thursday, 11.15.12 @ 14:21pm

can you show us more?

Posted by'pinchagua' on Tuesday, 11.13.12 @ 16:07pm

Would love to be in a 69 position with this gorgeous bear. I would make my way through through that heavy beard and kiss those lips and make my way down that hairy chest and suck on those nipples and once our dicks got hard I would then make my move down on his hard dick with my lips for the best blow job ever. Once we both cummed I would repeat method all over again and again and again.

Posted by'Daddy Bear' on Wednesday, 08.29.12 @ 11:15am

i love o kiss on his chest

Posted by'you' on Tuesday, 06.19.12 @ 13:23pm

I want to put my dick in him

Posted by'Ben' on Wednesday, 03.14.12 @ 17:28pm

GGGRRROOOWWWLLL!!!!!!!!! enuFF said.

Posted by'GAY OUT PROUD (GOP)' on Sunday, 02.19.12 @ 07:35am

I wonder what this professional looks like now. I doubt he's aged good as Clint Taylor! Take some updated pics with big dic ya might be a 10 again

Posted by'almost10' on Wednesday, 02.15.12 @ 02:57am

Jack is a HUNK! The only MINOR thing I'd chage, if one could, would be for his nipples to be darker, bigger circles. But what the hell, no one is anyone's perfect ideal, so he IS mine. The look in his eye, his build, his fur, he looks like the sweetest, masculine bear of a man. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOF! But I'm sure I'm just preaching to the choir. Jack, we LOVE you!!!

Posted by'BearEater' on Saturday, 02.4.12 @ 16:01pm


Posted by'windygot' on Saturday, 10.22.11 @ 20:49pm

His cock surrounding may be hairy. thats sexy

Posted by'fuck me' on Saturday, 10.1.11 @ 16:20pm

Hey, email me,

Posted by'Mr. Sexy' on Thursday, 09.1.11 @ 11:28am

call me on 07055121048

Posted by'courage nigeria' on Saturday, 07.30.11 @ 17:37pm

This guy a pro. Why no big dick show?

Posted by'Dylan' on Saturday, 05.21.11 @ 17:16pm

Jack, you are my all time favorite! I would love to buy you a drink!

Posted by'bob' on Monday, 03.7.11 @ 19:36pm

Where's the bears. This site used to be good - not any more

Posted by'Paul' on Tuesday, 02.22.11 @ 21:55pm

i am morocain and i want to meet some of your bears

Posted by'ali' on Wednesday, 02.16.11 @ 16:50pm

And a dream -anyway.
As a matter of course, You're top rated.
But it wasn't You posting this pic.

Posted by'GorditoAngry' on Monday, 02.14.11 @ 14:25pm

i love you so much

Posted by'joe' on Tuesday, 11.30.10 @ 13:46pm

Hey Jack you always been my fav Bear can you call me at 5129092861 and love to hear from you and u can text me too your the best! Please contact me!

Posted by'kenny' on Friday, 11.26.10 @ 09:00am

I hafe to fix the tuch on this bord sorey

Posted by'ty' on Monday, 10.25.10 @ 22:40pm

Up ioud see him down on me doing whet he is told not that i wood not takr good cair fo hin a treat my biches verey well

Posted by'ty' on Monday, 10.25.10 @ 22:38pm

plz share us with more pics

Posted by'bearlover' on Monday, 09.13.10 @ 13:58pm

man. are u real. believe me if dreams come true in this life, i would dream to be with u for life

Posted by'bearlover' on Monday, 09.13.10 @ 13:55pm

jack radcliff you sexy beast

Posted by'foxhavenbear' on Tuesday, 06.29.10 @ 18:50pm

I wondered what the man of my dreams looked like. This is it.

Posted by'Mike B.' on Thursday, 06.3.10 @ 10:07am

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