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Am I BEAR or NOT ?

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Bear Films
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12 comments so far (post your own)

Go away, queen!!

Posted by' Bama' on Monday, 08.11.14 @ 07:35am

Hey you HOT, Handsome, hulky studly slab of bear, let go of your cock and let me hold & take care of it for you. This is a FANTASTIC, sexy shot of this luscious man. I want to wrap my arms around his big hairy body and hug, hug, hug. WOOF!

Posted by'bearbuck' on Saturday, 01.26.13 @ 22:02pm

Not his best photos, but it does show his sexy furry chest & tummy and that thick, manly beard that is SO hot, and the line of his nose combines with his eyes to make him very handsome. For my taste, he could lift a few weights to add a bit to his arms and give a boost to his big furry bulk. But he's still a 10 because he's so handsome, got a SEXY beard, great bear bulk and so much oh-so-SEXY fur. I'd roll all over the house, hayloft, meadow, forest and frolic in the lake with him ANY day, and for at least a week. He's one hot sexy hunk. drool, drool,...

Posted by'bearhunter' on Sunday, 06.17.12 @ 12:59pm

Eat something you didn't like?

Posted by'shywoodybear' on Friday, 04.8.11 @ 20:24pm

Mmmmm you make me want to kiss. Long, slow, and deep.

Just looking at you makes me horny

Posted by'KingRuss23' on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 00:22am

Want to lick my hole before he fucks it! YUM!!

Posted by'BubbleButt' on Monday, 01.10.11 @ 09:48am

10. i don't know what it is about him, butt (pun in10ded) he drives me fucking crazy with lust 4 him. a cHUNK, (c)hubby (HUNK) & that is a good thing. did i MENtion he's a 10 in my world.

Posted by'GAY OUT PROUD (GOP)' on Thursday, 12.30.10 @ 01:09am

His name is Andrew Mason. You can look him up on Google Images to see his full cock.

Posted by'Estes.' on Wednesday, 06.23.10 @ 06:38am

man, love those pierced nips. nice tummy. furry chest. okay, i'm sold, when can i sit in that lap?

Posted by'rickie' on Friday, 03.26.10 @ 08:26am

now here's a bear films guy that I like!

Posted by'Don 2' on Friday, 02.26.10 @ 11:57am

THE perfect bear!

Posted by'bearjoe' on Thursday, 12.10.09 @ 20:12pm

pls show me your whole the heaaad but iwant more of that..

Posted by'sinned' on Wednesday, 06.24.09 @ 06:19am

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